How To Lengthen An Essay: Simple And Clear Advice From Experts


How To Lengthen An Essay: Simple And Clear Advice From Experts

Today, teachers and students are increasingly talking about essays as a genre of creative work. In high schools and universities in the United States and Europe, students write essays to show understanding of the topic and the ability to express opinions. For example, writing an college essay is a must when entering an educational institution (college, university). It carries comprehensive information about the applicant: acquaints with autobiographical data, reveals the motivation to study, becomes an indicator of how a school graduate thinks, and how he can consistently and logically express own thoughts. When applying for a study loan, the applicant must justify his application in the form of an essay, formulate a vision of his development and opportunities to realize potential. Participants in various competitions are now offered to write an essay on a given topic. Even a job applicant has to send an essay to a potential employer.

Unlike a report addressed to any reader, an essay is closer to a replica addressed to a prepared reader. That is a person who already has an idea of ​​what we are talking about. In fact, such ‘targeting’ allows the author of the essay to focus on the disclosure of new content, rather than accumulating various official details of the presentation of the material in writing.

Therefore, the essay’s primary mission and purpose are the student’s independent vision of the problem, question, a topic based on the processed material and arguments, in accordance with the chosen approach, style, etc.

Practice shows that students often manage to write a good essay. But after completing the work, the student understands that the volume is not enough, and it is necessary to make a paper longer. How to lengthen an essay? Below you will receive extended answers to your questions.

Tips On How to Make Your Essays Longer

If you want to know how to make your essay longer, then pay attention to studying the aspects below.

Basic Structural Elements

Thinking about the issue, “How do I make my essay longer?” try to remember that an outline should include all the essay’s structural elements with the specified pages where these elements are located. The main content of the paper needs to be divided into paragraphs or sections. The titles of the plan should be duplicated in the text.

The introduction is the most important substantive element, as it contains all the necessary classification characteristics:

  • justification of the topic;
  • its assessment in terms of relevance and importance;
  • determining its place in existing scientific issues;
  • assessing the level and nature of the topic;
  • formulation of research goals and objectives.

The main content of the work should be independently performed theoretical research in accordance with the problem stated in the title, generalization of available literature, or methodological development of the problem with an indication of its application in the scientific interests of the author.

In conclusion, it is necessary to give a brief summary of what is set out in the main part of the essay, conclusions that are made in accordance with the objectives, or a reference to the methodological application of the material processed in the paper. The author must also comply with the desired style of conclusions. For this, it is useful to use such words and expressions as:

  • It’s analyzed;
  • It’s installed;
  • it’s detected;
  • Which made it possible;
  • It’s shown;
  • It’s developed;
  • It’s received;
  • It’s suggested;
  • It’s recommended;
  • It’s considered appropriate, etc.

If necessary, it is advisable to include in the appendices the supporting material necessary for the completeness of the perception of the work.

The list of used literature should indicate the works studied by the author. This list should include both basic scientific papers and recent publications (mostly the last 5-10 years) on the chosen topic. The literature used must be reflected in the paper (by analysis and direct citation).

Use of Links and Quotations

A scientific citation is a mandatory component of any scientific work. Besides, it will help you significantly expand your writing.

However, when using citations, try to avoid errors that are gross copyright infringement. Here are some of them:

  • No reference to the source of the citation in the list of references;
  • No link in case of posting graphic materials;
  • Verbatim rewriting of the text and ‘queues’ of quotations;
  • Violation of the rules of secondary citation;
  • Errors in quoting foreign authors;
  • Use of citations with unverified authorship;
  • The lack of quotation marks and links to the source of information.

Try to take this important data into account, use citations, and provide references to the source where the materials or individual results are borrowed. Such links make it possible to find relevant sources, check the accuracy of citations, obtain the necessary information about these sources (its content, language, volume).

Predicting Teacher Questions

When working on the material and creating the paper, try to immediately answer the questions that you think may arise. If you do not do this, the teacher may consider your work as incomplete. So, it is advisable to fully justify your position.

Adding Linking Words and Constructions

While making an essay longer, we often forget to add linking constructs. But thanks to them, you can lengthen the text, make it logical and coherent. The correct use of introductory words and constructions allows not only to expand the text but also to make it more structured and complete. Your theses and arguments will be more interconnected in this case, which will contribute to better disclosure of the topic and its understanding by the reader.

Writing Meaningful Text

Sometimes students get poor grades for their work and do not understand why this is so. Very often, this is due to the fact that the idea stated at the beginning of the paper does not find its expression in the text of the essay. So, it is recommended that you use as much specific text as possible and less water.

If the volume of your text is increasing due to the quality of the text, and not reasoning about the same thing, you can be sure that you have understood our advice correctly when making your essay longer.

Detailed Explanation

To make your written work more voluminous, you can detail some points. Don’t worry about it being inappropriate. The main thing is to choose the right moment for a detailed description. For example, when you lead an example from life and describe a situation, you can dwell on this issue in more detail and clearly tell everything that you remember. It will look very appropriate in your paper.

Effective Ways to Make Your Essay Longer

Summarizing the above tips on how to make your essay longer, it seems appropriate to define the basic ways to make your essay longer:

  • Adherence to the structure;
  • Correct use of quotes and links;
  • Providing answers to emerging questions;
  • Use of linking structures;
  • Writing meaningful text without water;
  • Detailed explanation.

In this review, we highlight these six ways as they are the most effective. By using them, you can make essay longer.

How to Add Length to an Essay and Stop in Time?

You’ve already received enough information on how to add length to an essay, and how to extend it effectively, but you still don’t know when to stop in time. After all, an essay is a written paper that has a limited volume. Therefore, it shouldn’t be too long, either.

To understand that the topic is fully disclosed and you do not need to continue writing further, you should ask yourself a few questions from the list below and give answers to them:

  • To what extent does the title reveal the theme of our work?
  • Is there a detailed description of the study in the introduction to the work?
  • What is the main thesis of the work?
  • Is there a critical argument in your paper, and does it contain critical assessments of your own position?
  • Are all materials included in the text directly related to the stated topic?
  • Is the main part of the text well-constructed, are transitions and connections between paragraphs built?
  • Isn’t the conclusion a simple repetition of parts from the main text?
  • Have the requirements for the volume of the final text been met?
  • Have you managed to cleanse the text from clichés, esotericism, and slang?
  • Is the genre of the prepared text clearly defined, to whom it is addressed?
  • How many times have you edited the entire text from start to finish?

If all these questions are answered positively, you can stop to increase the length of your essay. If you still have unresolved issues and cannot cope with the problem without someone else’s support, contact us, and we will be happy to help you with essay and other papers. Moreover, we are ready to offer assistance in writing essays and any other papers. Essay Homework Help service is considered to be the most professional, reliable, and safe. Therefore, we guarantee the quality of the completed order!

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