How To Write An Effective Essay In English And Impress Your Tutor


How To Write An Effective Essay In English And Impress Your Tutor

Writing a good essay in English is not as simple as it may seem at first. Even though this assignment is common, many students lack ideas, don’t know which topic to choose, and fail to write a proper thesis statement.

Plus, they have lots of other papers to complete, books to read, and subjects to cover. In this article, we want to introduce you to the world of essay writing. With our essay homework help, you’ll master words, will understand how to outline any essay, and will be able to devote time and energy to the things you truly like.

Structure of a Good English Essay

The first step is to understand the structure of your future essay. By now, you have done the research, circled relevant information, and are ready to start writing your argumentative, narrative, or any other essay in English. Here are the stages to follow:

  1. Write a thesis statement
    • After the topic is selected and the ideas are written down in a clear order, it is the right time to think about your thesis statement. It is a sentence that renders the main point of the text. Look at your notes once again and mark what idea is highlighted most of all.
    • The first part of the statement indicates the topic and the second – your main argument. For example, you are writing an essay on World War II and its influence on the world’s geopolitical situation. A good thesis statement will look like this: ‘The World War II had a huge impact on the political map of the world and has changed it for good’.
    • If you are writing a personal essay, make sure to enumerate the main events, achievements, or personal characteristics discussed in the paper. Let readers understand what you will tell about and whether the reading can be interesting for them.
  2. Introduction
    • The introduction aims to attract readers’ attention and make them want to learn more about the subject. Here you give a brief summary and background of the discussed topic, introduce readers to the glossary and unknown terms, and explains how they can benefit from reading.
    • After indicating the thesis statement, insert a hook sentence. Depending on the subject, it may contain a joke, interesting fact, or a story from your own life. 
  3. Body paragraphs
    • Body paragraphs are the main section of your essay in English, and it is the part where you present all the findings and ideas. Here is where you explain the topic and persuade the audience to accept your point of view.
    • Each paragraph should follow a particular structure and start with a topic sentence. This sentence contains a key idea, which is later supported by evidence, findings, and statistics. If possible, give examples and quantify them. This will make your body paragraph look solid and informative.
    • A regular essay should consist of three to five body paragraphs. It is a perfect size to cover the topic and not to bore the reader. Don’t forget to use transition words and phrases to make the text readable and smooth.
  4. Conclusion
    • Many students think that conclusion is not important; however, it is a compulsory part of any essay and adds completion to the assignment. Here is where you summarize all the ideas and findings, remind the arguments, and make predictions.
    • Your conclusion shouldn’t be long: 3-5 sentences are enough. Just review key points, make a prognosis, and motivate readers to research the topic further. Closing the essay with a call to action is a great idea.
  5. Final touches
    • When the essay is written, you may feel tempted to submit it at once. However, it is a big mistake because you should pay attention to spelling, grammar, and structure to ensure that the text doesn’t have any mistakes.
    • Check whether all the paragraphs follow a logical pattern. If it is a How-To essay, check whether all the stages are indicated in the correct order. If the paper involves dates, make sure you follow a chronological sequence.

Besides, essays may follow different formatting styles and requirements, so you need to follow the instructions attentively to ensure that all the guidelines are met. If the time allows, let the essay rest on the table and return to it in several hours or even days.

Give it a fresh look to be sure that the overall flow is smooth and the ideas are connected. Use computer programs to check any mistakes and plagiarism. If you doubt, ask friends and relatives for help.

Essay in English for Beginners: Things to Remember

It is possible to write an extended essay in English without grammar mistakes, get a high grade, and master the topic with ease. All you need to do is follow the main purpose of the assignment, refer to reliable sources, and support your ideas with evidence.

If you have never completed essays in English before, don’t worry. It is not difficult, especially if you are genuinely interested in succeeding. Below we will share a few extra tips on how to achieve outstanding results.

  • Choose a topic wisely

You may already be assigned a topic, but you will most likely be given enough freedom to pick a subject on your own. If you are given the topic, think of the type of essay you’re willing to complete. It may be a descriptive, narrative, compare and contrast, argumentative, or persuasive essay. Should it introduce readers to the general idea or dive into details? Try to narrow the focus, and it will give you enough room for personalization.

If you were given a chance to choose a topic, make sure to use it to the maximum. Yes, it may be scary, but you can pick a subject you are genuinely interested in it. Make a list of the issues you like and narrow it after research. The topic should stir your interest, be intriguing, and motivate you to explore.

However, it shouldn’t be too broad or too specific because it will be quite difficult to find relevant information. If you want to share a particular experience, choose a narrative essay. If you are willing to teach readers about something you know (for example, how to play the guitar), your essay should contain a step-by-step guide. If you are planning to persuade the audience, make sure that you’re passionate about the issue. Remember, it’s possible to achieve outstanding results only if you are genuinely interested in the subject.

  • Create a diagram with the ideas

Even the most creative topic requires preparation and organization. Putting your thoughts on paper helps find connections between issues and pick a subject that truly matters. It serves as a basis for the future paper, helps to simplify the writing process, and even avoid writer’s block.

Many students pick diagrams and outlines to organize thoughts. If you decide to choose a diagram, write down the topic amidst a paper. Draw several lines from the topic on different sides and, at their ends, indicate key ideas.

In case you don’t like visualizing and drawing, stick to a more traditional approach – write an outline. List all the thoughts and ideas you have in mind about the subject. Leave spaces between them to write down minor thoughts in the process. Thus, you’ll have a clear structure of the future essay and will never have to worry about missing important details.

Useful Phrases for English Essays

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing an essay to obtain a scholarship or simply creating a college report. Learning how to write an essay effectively in English may significantly improve your scores and teach how to complete all sorts of assignments (even the most specific ones) with ease.

Now you know the structure of an English essay and master the most useful tips. The only thing left is to write down transition words and phrases that will make your text smooth and readable. 

They include:

  • In other words;
  • In order to;
  • Moreover;
  • However;
  • Finally;
  • Fortunately;
  • To that end;
  • Furthermore;
  • Firstly, secondly;
  • To say nothing of;
  • Likewise.

If you still doubt whether writing a high school or college essay in English is a task for you, contact our authors. We are an experienced writing service with numerous years of experience and know exactly what you need.

Place an order, get professional help, and obtain only the highest grades for your essay in English.

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