Top Tips On How To Make A Title For An Essay


Top Tips On How To Make A Title For An Essay

Lots of students wonder how to make a title for an essay, and they have their good reasons for it. A good topic can save your essay and is nearly a half success, while a bad one will make you fail. Your headline must evoke the desire of the reader to read your story.

For that reason, you should get a creative title for an essay and grab the audience’s attention from the very first line. Otherwise, your professor will be disappointed by the first line and will not have any desire to find out what’s next.

This guide will teach you how to create essay headlines that would not leave your audience indifferent. Needless to say, a perfect title will affect your grade positively.

Why Pick a Good Essay Title

The heading of your essay can tell a lot about its content. Do not neglect to choose your title thoroughly because the overall result may depend right on it. Paying enough attention to the heading’s choice is crucial if you want to succeed in essay writing.

Choosing your perfect title may be even more complicated than writing itself. If you believe a title doesn’t really matter, you are very wrong. Writing it is not as easy as a piece of cake as it may seem at the very beginning.

Just think — when you see an article in a newspaper or magazine, what do you pay attention to? Would you read an article with a boring and casual title? We bet, no. You will choose the one that has a flashy headline. The same happens to essays. Your professor will hardly be impressed and want to read it if your heading is banal or boring.

The Components of a Great Essay Title

As a student, you know that it is better to stick to a particular scheme when writing your essay. You can use the same rule when crafting your title. Include the following components in it:

  • An eye-catching hook;
  • Keywords for your topic describing what your essay is;
  • Focus keywords describing when or where the plot is.

How to Title an Essay

Before you create your paper, pay attention to the following features of a great essay title:

  • Precise. No matter what discipline or niche you pick, your reader has to understand what they are going to read about clearly. Avoid confusing your audience — professor.
  • Attention-grabbing. It was already mentioned above. No one would love to read something that sounds boring and not interesting. A boring title won’t make a good impression from the very beginning, and it is not what you strive for, don’t you?
  • Brief. Once again, your heading shouldn’t be confusing, so make sure to make it as brief and understandable as possible.
  • Readable. Needless to say, your title has to be easy to read, no matter what. Even if the topic is complicated and highly scientific, it must be readable and free of weird phrases.
  • Plausible. Do not try to make your headline too eye-catching by adding non-existing things. The title has to be true and believable. If your professor notices you lie, be sure to fail.
  • No passive voice. If using verbs in the title, put them in active voice better.

Titling an Essay Step by Step

You already know how important it is to create a quality essay title. Do not worry if you struggle with the process; everyone does, even the most proficient writers. Below, you will find some great tips on how to create the best title for your paper.

Write Your Title After the Essay Is Complete

It might sound weird, but we recommend writing your essay first, and only then think of its title. You might be surprised to know that most writers do, so if you have already thought of some good heading, it is good for you. You may focus on it and stick to it in the process of writing the paper.

Writing the paper first allows having a better idea of how the title should sound. You can reread the essay a couple of times and see the title clearly. Moreover, it saves your time a lot. Better spend more time on research, outline, and writing, and only then think of a good headline for your work. If you start from it, you might waste too much time, and then, no strength will be left for good content.

The Thesis Can Be Quite to the Point

The introduction contains a thesis statement, and it’s not a secret for you. You can use it to craft your title. As a rule, thesis statements contain much useful information that can be easily used for creating the best title ever. Reread your thesis a couple of times, and you may be surprised by how many ideas it may give you.

Clichés Might Inspire You

There are many wonderful popular sayings, quotes, and clichés that do not need anything to be added. You can use one of such phrases like a great title for your essay. Of course, if they relate to it well. It is also possible to rewrite them, remake, or just use a general idea for your heading.

Some great provoking phrases and words can service wonderful constituents for your title. Do not be afraid to use them, add, rewrite, or just get inspired by them.

Choose a Proper Tone for Your Title

The tone of the heading has to be aligned with the tone of the essay. If you are writing about something funny, you cannot use a formal tone for the title. Vice versa, if the tone of your essay is serious and dramatic, writing a witty and funny title is not wise.

Use a Three-Word Technique

Can you describe your paper in three words? Then do it, add the main idea of your essay, and here you have a great title.

Great Essay Title Examples

It is crucial to make your reader want to read your essay from the very first line, i.e., from its title. To do it, you have to convince your professor that the paper is worth reading. Thus, your paper should be convincing and meaningful. An attention-grabbing topic is a must for your success.

If you struggle with the choice of the topic, check out the following essay title examples:

  • Fighting anorexia has to be under the responsibility of our society.
  • The best age to vote.
  • The impact of steroids on the human body.
  • The effect of alcohol on our brain.
  • Should the death sentence be forbidden in all countries in the world?
  • The issue of illegal immigrants.
  • The advantages and drawbacks of alternative medicine.
  • What is the major contributor to violence — television or video games?
  • Does war have any benefits?
  • Peacemaking and cannabis.
  • Uniforms at schools.
  • Does technology make us zombies?
  • Globalization: benefits and drawbacks.

These are just a few possible titles for your essay. Remember that the list of topics can be endless, depending on your discipline, field of study, course name, imagination, etc. The best way to create a catchy title is:

  • To find a hook, quote, anecdote, or fact;
  • Select the best words describing your idea;
  • Stick to your thesis statement.


Picking an interesting topic is a must. Do not underestimate the importance of this step. A boring start will not make anyone want to read your paper. It is important to keep the attention of your professor from the very beginning until the end. Do not confuse your readers; don’t make them get lost in the ideas of your work.

A good heading is a lion share of your great grade. If you follow all the above-mentioned tips, it won’t be a problem to craft a good and catchy title for your work. Never procrastinate with it. Such assignments require lots of time and effort, and if you think of writing it right before submitting, you will hardly succeed.

Students often struggle with writing tasks. Although professional writers have all the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience, they still may lack inspiration. The only difference is that they know how to manage their time for creating a masterpiece eventually.

Thus, if you lack the time, inspiration, imagination, knowledge, or skills, better use professional essay homework help, and save your nerves. Within a matter of an eye blink, you can get a brilliant paper that will meet all the requirements and exceed your professor’s expectations.

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