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When we plan a successful future, we need to clearly understand our strengths and weaknesses, our motivation, our expectations from study and work. This is what your future college, university, scholarship fund wants to know about you.

When you go step by step towards your dream, you have to overcome a large number of obstacles. Preparing a personal statement is one of them. What is it?

This is a paper that is sent along with the application form. You can go to university, apply for a scholarship, a place in a volunteer organization, or an international internship. Any of these situations takes into account not only your academic successes but also personal ones.

On the one hand, this is wonderful! After all, you can reveal your personality, tell the admissions committee about what a wonderful person you are, share your thoughts and ideas. On the other hand, there are a lot of talented people who do not know how to talk about their benefits. It is these people who send us messages with words, “I need help with my personal statement”.

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Help with personal statement: essential tips to come up with a paper

Write an interesting introduction

Remember that officers read dozens of different statements every day. Most of them start the same way. And if you rely on a template entry, you will definitely lose.

Think over the structure of your introduction and record it on the recorder. This will help you understand exactly how you are talking, what style and vocabulary you use. It is very important that the introduction reveals your identity.

Remember that your paper must be personalized. Mention what interests you in the school program, scholarships, or work. Further, you will have the opportunity to more fully disclose these aspects and your knowledge and skills that will lead to a successful result.

Show relevant skills and experience

A lot of people need help with personal statement because they don’t know how to come up with a paper body. Read on if you’re one of them.

This section is intended for you to better explain the theses that were already mentioned in the introduction. Here are the elements you should touch on:

  • Your experience and achievements. Write not about the fact of obtaining a certificate or degree, but about how you achieved this. Most likely, it was a long road, and officers definitely want to know more about it.
  • Your talents. Again, write not about the fact that you have leadership skills or analytical thinking. Give examples from your life or career that confirm this. Carefully study the text of the vacancy to understand what is expected of you.
  • Some ideas. Perhaps you already understand what benefits you can attract. Do you have any ideas for improving the organization? Can you offer an original university-based study? Something else? Mention this.
  • Your plans. How will this university or this company help you achieve your goals? What attracted you the most in the program description? Why do you think that you will get the most benefit?

As you can see, these aspects are quite complex. You cannot answer all these questions by spending an hour or two. Some of our customers who send us “help me with my personal statement” messages say that it took them several weeks to come up with a pretty poor paper.

You have no need to go this way. We can offer a more attractive option. Get help with residency personal statement right now!

Write a convincing conclusion

This section of your paper should not leave any messages. Imagine that an officer will read your statement and say: this is definitely our candidate!

In the last chapter, you should be as concise and clear as possible. Summarize, once again, explain the importance of this school program for you and why you deserve this place. You do not need to repeat the information already mentioned again or recall any new stories from your life. Focus on your goal: did you manage to achieve it in the writing process?

Don’t forget about proofreading

Some people write to us, “please help with my personal statement” when they need editing or proofreading. These stages are no less important because they define whether your paper will succeed.

When you write the text, you’re in the flow. You don’t mention a lot of things around you and in front of you. You have your story, and you should tell it right now. It is perfect! But it means you can miss some mistakes or typos. You can read the vacancy uncarefully and forget about some important questions. Or you can break the structure of your paper.

A professional editor and proofreader is your chance to make the paper flawless. It is always a good idea to have the second pair of eyes because you can use honest feedback to your advantage. Don’t expect your draft to be perfect. Most likely, you will have 3 or 5 drafts before you’re ready to deliver the paper.

I need help with my personal statement right now

Honestly, a lot of people don’t realize they need help with writing a personal statement. They have been completed all assignments without professional assistance and careful support. You must have heard of a large number of studies showing how much stress modern people experience. We are sure that you also feel this pressure. Many of our customers are used to thinking that they should be the best. They must be on time everywhere, bypass their competitors, achieve continuous success.

We assure you: this is impossible. Sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the life around you. Especially when it comes to something really important.

And that is the main reason why you may need help with a personal statement. It is of great importance to you, isn’t it? There’s no way you miss this chance. When you rely on a professional author, you get the result you expect. Our writers are well acquainted with the academic standards and requirements of the best commercial companies. They will help with personal statement CV or your university application.

Benefits of our personal statement help service

If you still wonder: where can I get help with my personal statement, you’re on the right page.

We are ready to provide you with professional assistance. Let’s look at what exactly you can expect.


This can’t even be discussed! We set high-quality standards and always adhere to them.

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Customer support

No matter what time zone you are in. You can write to us at 9 a.m. or 3 a.m. and get a quick response.

Client managers are universal employees, and they are ready to support you at all stages of cooperation. From placing an order to resolving conflict situations (we are doing our best to prevent them), they are always in touch.

We hope you don’t have questions like who can help me with my personal statement for now. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you haven’t found important information here. Our customer managers and helpers are always here to have your back.

Help with personal statement for university

The most popular request we receive is “please help with personal statement for university”.

Applicants struggle because of enormous pressure and stress. They think their paper will define their life. And sometimes it really does. But it doesn’t mean you should be stressed all the time.

The biggest, our proud, is our team. We are working with the best authors who have a Master’s or Ph.D. degrees. It is enough to say they definitely know what the best world universities expect from their students. They can also provide you with help with a CV personal statement.

There are some essential points to consider. Firstly, the paper should be written in your first voice. The author writes about you, so it is always teamwork. You can also influence the result. Provide us with as much information as possible about yourself. Tell me about your background, volunteer activities, hobbies. Perhaps you have quotes from your friends or any other information that will help reveal your identity.

Be sure to send us the text of the description of the program or the vacancy. Any details that can help are of great importance.

Help me with my personal statement: one message to succeed!

So, if you’re ready to make an order, just do it!

You need to fill-up the application form. Take this task seriously. In fact, this is the last thing you need to do. We will take care of all the other processes!

Be sure to provide us with maximum information. We may not use any of this, but the author should not lack data. If you have new ideas, write to your manager to do an update.

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We offer writing services to students from all over the world. We work with a variety of assignments. Our authors will provide you with professional help with personal statement, an essay, a course work, a dissertation, a coding assignment, etc.

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Ordering your paper from us, you get something more than just a text file. You get calmness, confidence, comfort. Our customers do not spend their money but invest it. This is what will help you take a step forward in your education or career. And it will definitely bring amazing results!

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